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Class of 2022 Statistics - what they mean for seniors and juniors!!

Students and parents are breathing a sigh of relief - the college application season is finally over!!

It was another tough year for seniors applying! The number of applications to highly selective universities increased anywhere from 8% to 14%. The University of California Los Angeles had a record number of applications: 113,000; the University of California Berkeley came in a close second with 108,000. All of the elite colleges increased as well, with Cornell receiving 51,000; Stanford 47,000; and Harvard close to 43,000, bringing its regular decision acceptance rate to an all-time low of 2.43% (yes, you read that correctly).

The increased number of applications this year, of course, translated into even lower acceptance rates at the most highly selective universities throughout the country.

Here are the Class of 2022 and 2021 admission percentages for some of the most popular elite universities:

As you can see, every single admission percentage dropped, including UNC's combined percentage.

And this year's waitlist numbers are also astonishing! Brown admitted 2,566 and waitlisted 2,724. UPenn admitted 3,731 and waitlisted around 3,500. UPenn states that in past years it has offered acceptance to 20 to 175. For the full scoop on this year's waitlists, read Inside Higher Ed's column.

Given admission and waitlisting statistics, what should juniors do next year?

1) Remember to apply to several safety and target schools, not just reach schools. We predict it will be even tougher next year.

2) Apply EA or ED to your first choice school. Statistics prove that it is the best way to gain admission to these highly coveted universities.

3) Distinguish yourself by learning outside the classroom. If you want to be an engineer, then read engineering blogs, journals, view engineering-tailored talks, shadow an engineer… Find innovative ways to be involved and learn. It will set you apart at application time.

As for college-bound seniors, congratulations to each and every one of you!! Remember that it is what you accomplish during the next four years that determines your future, more than the university you attend. Focus on your studies, get involved in the school and community - and be sure to make lots of wonderful memories along the way!

Need help choosing universities and with the college application process? Contact Lisa Solovay and Julia Morgan at or call 954 651 3335.

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