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Can I? Should I?

Can I get in?

This question is one that every potential college applicant asks themselves. Are their grades and test scores high enough? Will their holistic review measure up to that of other applicants? Although this is a very important question to ask when finalizing the list of colleges you will be applying to, the second question is even more important - but rarely asked.

Should I get in?

In my opinion, the number one consideration regarding school choice is how well the student will do academically, emotionally and socially. Will they be happy? Will they succeed? Will the experience at that university help them grow?

When drafting a school list, please remember that just because a university has a prestigious reputation, it does not mean it's the "best fit" for every student. Students need to visit campuses and decide which university best meets their needs - on all levels. Students who are happy at university, simply perform better.

Factors to take into consideration when composing your College List:

  1. Location: city/campus town; New England, the South, Midwest...

  2. Size: large, medium, small undergraduate enrollment

  3. Cost: state school; private university; Ivy League (meet 100% financial need)

  4. Major: what do they offer in your preferred program of study; what other majors do they offer in case you change your major?

  5. Freshman profile: is yours similar? Are you in the 25th or 75th percentile? What are your chances of being accepted? Reach, target or safety school?

  6. Safety schools: you should have at least 2 safety schools where you would be happy attending and that are financial feasible for you

  7. Academic fit: will your peers be at your level, higher, lower? This will impact your GPA, potential for internships/jobs, stress level. Can you handle the competition? Will you be sufficiently challenged intellectually?

The only thing that matters to us, at the end of the day, is the well being of our students. A student who finds the right fit in a university will be happy and therefore successful. Both are equally important.

Need help with your College List? Call Ascent so that we can help you create yours at 954 651 3335 or 954 661 2052

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