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Welcome to Ascent College Advising!

The average class of 2016 student graduated college with $37,000 in debt. Only 40% of those students graduated in four years, 60% graduated in 6 years, and over 33% transferred colleges at least once. The goal of our company -- Ascent College Advising -- is to change these statistics, one student at a time.

The college application process is stressful for both students and parents. Due to budgetary constraints, the American public school system is not able to provide the personalized college advising necessary, given the student to college advisor ratio. At some of the larger high schools in Broward County, the ratio is 750/1, 700/1, 650/1. And these ratios just take into account the seniors, not the other three grades per high school when preparation for college is also crucial.

Our team has experience assisting students with all parts of the college application process: college selection, applications, essays, letters of recommendation, university interviews, resumes, scholarships, financial aid, and final college choice. We will work with your son or daughter so that they find the university that is the best fit for them, while respecting their academic history, career goals, and financial means.

We work with all levels of students - those students applying to highly selective and Ivy League universities, those applying to out-of-state colleges, along with students wanting to attend all levels of Florida public universities.

In addition, we work with community organizations to help students who are first generation and/or low income, providing college application assistance to those who are less familiar with their potential for attending college and obtaining scholarships.

Our priority has always been the students! Our goal is for every student to obtain admission to the best university in their field of study, graduate in four years, and have the least amount of debt possible.

Contact us today to get your son or daughter on their path toward college!

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