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Lisa Solovay, Julia Morgan

College Advisors


Lisa has been a pivotal part of our college application process. She has guided us through the entire process from choosing schools that fit both of our desires to staying on track, revising countless essays, and completing all of the financial aid requirements that seem endless and can be confusing. Thanks to Lisa this process was not the least bit stressful. We are so grateful for all her help. She was always available to answer all of our questions and ensured we never missed a single deadline, even when applying to over ten schools each. We truly couldn’t have done it without her.

Isabella & Andrea C. 

MIT & Boston College

My experience with Mrs. Solovay and Mrs. Morgan was one available nowhere else. As a graduate of Western High’s class of 2017, Mrs. Morgan was my BRACE Counselor and Mrs. Solovay assisted in both my college applications and senior year academics. When I approached them with my dream of attending Emory University, they immediately presented me with the tools necessary to achieve my goal. But what makes Mrs. Solovay and Mrs. Morgan so special, beyond their endless knowledge on countless universities, their time management and deadline expertise, is the quality that is truly one of a kind: genuine care and encouragement. As I head to Emory this fall, I know that I will always have Mrs. Solovay and Mrs. Morgan’s excellent guidance and support on this new journey as I pursue my dream.

Rachel D.

Emory University

From the moment I walked in, I was treated like my success was their number 1 priority. Figuring out which classes I needed to take was so easy. Without them, I could never have become a National Merit Finalist, or even know where to begin with the college application process!  Lisa gave me essay feedback, helped me complete all my applications, and was there whenever I needed advice.  I am now at Vanderbilt University, my dream school.

Blake H. 

Vanderbilt University

Being under the mentorship of Lisa Solovay was an incredible honor that greatly facilitated the college preparation process. She not only provided me with incredible advice in terms of academics but was also an approachable and caring figure who I turned to for advice regularly. I owe much of my college success to Lisa!


Nikki C.

Cornell University

We are from South America and were unfamiliar with the college system and application process. Julia really prepared and supported us.
Now Juana is in her dream school, and Julia just helped us make the final decision for our son's choice of university.

Carla G, mother of:  
Fausto C., Northeastern University
Juana C., American University

Ms. Morgan has played a critical role in the college application process for me. She is very knowledgeable and experienced when it comes to college admissions. She tells you what colleges (from state to elite) are actually looking for—insight you can’t just find in a school’s brochure or on its website.


She helped me discover which schools would be the best fit for me. From searching, to applying, to deciding where I would spend the next four years, Ms. Morgan was there to offer quality advice. I decided I wanted to study economics, and with her guidance, I was accepted to one of my dream schools with one of the best economics programs in the country: Duke University!


Anthony M. 

Duke University

Lisa Solovay served as my Brace Advisor and personal college counselor throughout my high school career at West Broward. Starting in 9th grade, Lisa stayed on top of her duties serving as both a source of guidance and a friend. Whether it was coming into classrooms to discuss how Bright Futures worked, or calling me personally into her office to explain the importance of the PSAT and National Merit Qualifications, Lisa was always there to lend a helping hand. She excelled at keeping me focused on the bigger picture and motivated for life beyond high school. Once college applications started first semester senior year, Lisa met with me very early on to finalize a school list and make sure I was on track to submit everything on time. Without her help, I don't think I would have had the success I found in my application process - getting into 7 of the 10 top-tier schools I applied to with a full merit scholarship to Duke University. I was lucky to have had her as my counselor and I know she made a positive impact on countless other students' lives.

Martin C.

Duke University

Ms. Morgan was such an integral part of my college application process, and she was more than exceptional. The college application process is strenuous for everyone, and Ms. Morgan really helps to relieve some of that stress by helping with anything and everything. She helped me to really figure out which school was right for me, and now I am having the time of my life at Johns Hopkins!

Emily F.

Johns Hopkins University

Ms. Morgan was my BRACE adviser, and with her guidance, I was able to get advice on everything from what colleges to apply for, what scholarships to look into, excellent essay editing help, and recommendation letters for challenging universities such as Boston University, where I was accepted, and Duke University, where I was waitlisted. Ms. Morgan was an invaluable asset throughout the long and often arduous college and scholarship application processes, where having an adviser is one of the best things a high school student can attain. One of the most helpful things I found Ms. Morgan did was provide us with an extensive listing of scholarships, especially local ones, that made competition seem more manageable. I highly recommend Ms. Morgan for anyone’s college advising needs; I feel she is one of the reasons why I ended up at the University I am now, and I could not be happier.

Camila V.
Honors Program, University of Florida

From my experience, I can say with confidence that I would refer Mrs. Morgan to any high school student who needs direction for his or her college-decision process.  Ms. Morgan is incredibly dedicated, kind, and knowledgeable.  I was always impressed by her nuanced understanding of picking a school, finding out what is best for the student, and allowing the student to make his or her own decision.  I remember so succinctly that she always made time for other students and myself - outside of her regular work schedule - to help students as much as possible.  When I was stressed about writing essays and submitting the application to my favorite school, she stayed after school with me for two hours. To this day, although I am not attending that school, I like to think I was accepted with efforts like hers.  Her effort makes an enormous difference in the life of whomever she guides.  I thoroughly recommend that anyone seek out her guidance in the future, and I know that she will be able to help.  

Manuel O.

Honors Program, Florida State University

Julia Morgan helped make me feel more comfortable with the process of completing my college application. Her guidance helped me through a difficult time that would've otherwise been so much more overwhelming and stressful. Without her help, I'm not sure how I would've managed to complete all of the different parts of a college application. Even if you think you have everything under control, I'd recommend getting Julia's assistance because there is always something to improve.

Alyson J.
Florida State University

Ms. Morgan was instrumental in my college acceptance process. Not only did she help me prepare and send the best application possible, she helped me to realize my priorities in universities and to understand what colleges were best fit for me as a student, rather than the best college I could be accepted to. I heartily recommend Ms. Morgan to anyone who is looking for a personalized experience or searching for a mentor as well as a college adviser.

Daley D.
Honors Program, University of South Florida

I have the privilege of knowing Ms. Morgan both as a friend and mentor. She has transformed the complex process of being a senior into simple and understandable steps by providing her students with countless guidelines explaining the process of applying to Bright Futures, standardized tests, special needs, and other senior events. I have personally witnessed her expertise and willingness to notify her students of scholarship, educative, and college related opportunities. Today, I am a proud college student, attending the University of South Florida, thanks to Ms. Morgan’s aid.

Juan C.,
University of South Florida

Ms. Solovay has been a guiding force in my life since my junior year of high school. Not only has she been there for college trips, acceptances, and scholarship opportunities, she has also been a confidant and someone I could always rely on to tell me what I needed to hear. Her role as my BRACE Advisor didn't end when I graduated high school, she has continued to support me throughout my time here at the University of Florida, whether writing letters of recommendations so that I could become a Florida Cicerone or Dance Marathon Director or just lending an ear to listen to any bumps in the road I encountered along the way. I know she will remain a source of guidance in years to come and I am very grateful to have her in my life.


Toni D. 

University of Florida

Lisa Solovay was my BRACE counselor at West Broward High School. I come from a background where attending a university was not an option for financial reasons. Mrs. Solovay understood my situation and gave me several resources and provided encouragement to reach my goal of becoming a nurse.  Because she took the time to know who I was, she nominated me for a scholarship worth $25,000.  I am now a student at the University of South Florida.  Without Mrs. Solovay, I would never have had this opportunity.

Bryana B. 

University of South Florida

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