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Bright Futures

You must complete the application, even if you meet all of the criteria! 


You must fill out the Bright Futures application during your senior year in order to receive the scholarship - even if you meet or exceed all of the requirements! Click on the above link for detailed instructions. 

What is Bright Futures? 

Bright Futures is a scholarship program which allows Florida high school seniors with significant academic merit to earn a scholarship to any public college/university or technical college in the state. It also offers the same funds to students attending a private college in Florida. This scholarship does not apply if the student chooses to attend college outside the state of Florida.

The Florida Medallion and Florida Academic Bright Futures Scholarships are for students planning to enroll in a 4 year bachelor's program. The Florida Gold Seal is for students enrolling in a 2 year technical program.

Need more information:

Blog: Bright Futures Scholarships

Bright Futures Call Center: (888) 827-2004

See where you stand with Bright Futures! 

Click on the above link to verify your eligibility. You will be required to enter your county, last name, and student ID number to see what information BF currently has on file for you.

Please note that Bright Futures only updates their systems 3 or 4 times per year. The date in the upper right hand corner of the website reflects the information they had received up until that date, therefore the website reflects your eligibility on that specific date.

If additional test scores and volunteer hours have posted on your Virtual Counselor account, they will eventually be updated to the Bright Futures system.

If you have a specific question, call Bright Futures.  

What are the Bright Futures Requirements?  

Above is the link to the Bright Futures website. Go to page 3 which contains a table with FAS and FMS requirements. Eligibility is based on your Bright Futures GPA (only appears on the BF eligibility website above); SAT or ACT scores, volunteer hours; and class requirements met.

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